My Windows Phone Apps

My 24Seven.FM App

App to receive the 5 channels of the american internet radio 24Seven.FM with a mix of different styles from Steamingsoundtracks (SST) with music from movies and games via (EFM) with quiet music to relax and enjoy, to pure classic music from Bach to Zelter (AFM) . And we have Hard Metal (DFM) and music from the "golden" eighties on (1980s.FM).
More about that on FAQ and “My Windows Phone Apps”. Lounge & Groove & Chilling Sound & Downbeats where ever you want: Arranged by the listeners

1980s.FM: All what YOU want between 1980 and 1990 and more Non stop Soundtracks from Movies and Games compiled by the best DJ's world wide: WE

Adagio.FM: Classic music from Barock via Renaissance and Romantik to modern classic music. Music from the bloody dark side of the live. Hard beats and shrill sounds streamed from hell


24Seven.FM: your music made by listeners

My Klassik Radio App

App to receive the daily program of the German “Klassik Radio” and the 3 special stream channels: Movie, Lounge and Opera.
More about that on FAQ and “My Windows Phone Apps”